The premier haunted house and hayride in Detroit, Michigan

Since 2006, Scarefest Scream Park has set out to give you a fun filled night with 4 haunted attractions, haunted camping, beer tent, food, live music, bonfire, scary movies, and much more

Scarefest Scream Park wants to show you and your friends/family a great evening, that's why we have worked very hard to create attractions to suit all groups and personalities from our all-ages Hayride of Doom to our more intense Castle of the Dead haunted house. Be sure to check out all that Scarefest Scream Park has to offer!

Haunted Hayride

A narrated story suitable for all ages of the forest's recent outbreak by a guide who will be by your side until the very end

Scare Factor:

Family Friendly


Haunted Maze

Good luck finding your way out as terror lurks around every turn and dead end in the Terror Zone Maze

Scare Factor:

Mid Level


Forest Walk

Do you have what it takes to walk the wooded trail alone amidst the specters of death that surely wait for you?

Scare Factor:

Mid Level


Haunted House

Try your luck and see if you can survive the terrors that wait just beyond the fence at the Castle of the Dead

Scare Factor:

Most Intense



OVER 340

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This was the most awesome time ever! My cousin and I got lost and showed up late, they stayed open just for us! Gave us not just 1 but 4 very personalized scares. We can’t say enough good things about the staff! We’ll definitely will recommend, thank you guys! We felt like VIP!
— Christine Stahl Facebook Review

Once you enter the haunted scare grounds in Southeast Michigan, it's not likely you'll leave; the spirit of Sowin and those that have met their demise in this place, hunger for what they lost

Face your fears in the Castle of the Dead haunted house; test your wit navigating through the corridors of the Terror Zone haunted maze; have some fun with Yappo the clown in the Forest of Darkness haunted forest walk; try to avoid infection from the zombies of the Hayride of Doom: Outbreak


The monsters in the haunted forest have gotten even darker 

Pray you will make your way to safety without falling victim to their sadistic ways 

Think you can make it through the forest with your flesh intact?


See if you can survive throughout the night in our haunted park with demons lurking around every corner waiting to cause havoc when you least expect it. Experience this 18+ event filled with over 13 hours of entertainment and terror; we're waiting for you...


Hear what previous year's haunted camping survivors had to say:

Shenanigans began the moment we set foot on the property, with zombies helping us set up our camp, running off with our stuff and just in general entertaining.
— Dawn Ziegler Facebook Review
You guys did a great job! Definitely up there with Cedar Point in “my” opinion.
— Missy Feher Facebook Review

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